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  • Heart-attack risk spikes after sex, exercise

    Numerous studies have suggested that physical activity, including sex, can trigger a heart attack or cardiac arrest, but the magnitude of the risk has been unclear

  • Erectile dysfunction? Try losing weight

    A new Australian study, published Friday in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that losing just 5% to 10% of body weight over a two-month period improved the erectile function

  • 5 questions to ask before having penis surgery

    Seaton s experience is certainly rare, surgery on the penis isn t. While good statistics are hard to find, tens of thousands of men in the United States get circumcised as adults.

  • Bran, soy help cut cholesterol

    A control group advised to eat a vegetarian, low-saturated diet but not with the cholesterol lowering foods a saw a slight dip in total cholesterol

  • Sexy anorexia Halloween costume controversy

    Grefe said that only someone with a sick mind would purchase the costume, likening it to dressing up as a war veteran missing arms and legs or someone afflicted with melanoma

  • Yoga helps addicts, homeless find peace

    Sylvia hopes the class, which she teaches free of charge with Jocelyn Stern, helps the participants focus less on life’s problems, and more on the solutions they can find in themselves

  • Exercise at Work

    Taking the stairs when you can, parking further away from the door and walking around the office when you can are good places to start

  • Weight Loss for Teens

    You can change your body, but how much depends on a number of things, some you can control and some you can not.

  • X BODY, TRL enter collaboration to identify therapeutic target epitopes

    X BODY has developed an extremely diverse human antibody library and screens it using the company s proprietary Protein Chain Reaction

  • Vision Impairment

    Many patients with visual loss benefit from a referral to a low vision program, and primary care providers should not assume that an ophthalmologist

  • Antibiotic Prophylaxis of Surgical Site Infections

    Multiple studies have evaluated the effectiveness of different antibiotic regimens for various surgical procedures, In most cases

  • Cardio for Weight Loss

    The truth is, there really is no best cardio exercise, The best activity is the one you ll do on a regular basis. So, finding something you like is critical to reaching your weight loss goals

  • Avoid Weight Gain After the Wedding

    There are a number of theories for why we gain weight after we get married, but it’s always the husband’s fault, or so my female clients tell me

  • Alcohol and Weight Gain

    Having a full glass of water between alcoholic drinks can both help you avoid drinking too much and keep you hydrated. That may help avoid a hangover the next day

  • Japan nuclear health risks low, wont blow abroad

    Health risks from Japans quake hit nuclear power reactors seem fairly low and winds are likely to carry any contamination out to the Pacific without threatening other nations, experts say

  • Rubella (German Measles or Three-Day Measles)

    The number of cases of rubella decreased dramatically in the United States following the introduction of the rubella vaccine in 1969

  • Coronary heart disease

    Coronary heart disease! Coronary heart disease (CHD) is a narrowing of the small blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart. CHD is also called coronary artery disease.