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Why electric cars may be hazardous to your health

A few of my clients who are elec­tri­cally sen­si­tive can tol­er­ate a few gas-powered vehi­cles, but become very ill when­ever they drive or ride in a hybrid or elec­tric car.

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Learn about the Health Threat of EMFs from Electric Cars

The two types of electricity that we use (alternating and direct currents, or AC / DC) have different properties in the types of EMF they create. AC creates much larger EMFs and much more EMR than does DC power.

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Self Driving Cars and the Impact on Health

Among the circumstances: fewer crashes and reduced fuel emissions - both of which will have implications for health care providers.

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Ford to use wearables to improve health and safety in cars

When we spoke with Stromolo in his office at Ford, he was wearing a Pebble smartwatch on one hand and a Basis smartwatch/fitness tracker on the other.

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Clean bill of health for electric cars

The partners also studied the biological effects of the EMFs observed in electric vehicles. One of their experiments focused on cardiac cells, to check if EMFs affect the electrical processes of the heart.

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Cars and air pollution

Carbon monoxide reduces the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity which can reduce the availability of oxygen to key organs. Extreme levels of exposure, such as might occur due to blocked flues in domestic boilers, can be fatal.

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Vehicles, Air Pollution, and Human Health

Clean vehicle and fuel technologies provide us with an affordable, available means of reducing transportation-related air pollution and climate change emissions.

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Điện tâm đồ bệnh cơ tim Tako Tsubo

Sự đột biến bất ngờ cathecholamines là nguyên nhân thống nhất, nhưng lý do tại sao điều này gây ra sự đột biến bất thường vận động thành tim đặc trưng vẫn còn là một vấn đề tranh luận.

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Điện tâm đồ nhồi máu cơ tim vùng thành dưới

Nhồi máu cơ tim vùng thành dưới cũng có thể được kết hợp với nhồi máu cơ tim thành sau, tiên lượng ban đầu xấu hơn do diện tích của cơ tim có nguy cơ tăng.

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